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This is a simple to follow, pre-designed training guide, that you can use in your team, in fact, in your whole business. All you have to do is hand it over to someone and they can implement it at their own pace or put together a quick group session. Valued at $97 – times that by all your employees and it is worth thousands of dollars!


BOWL Packages

Some of our programs are packaged, much like a banquet in a restaurant. We recommend these clusters but you can pick and choose which will suit you best. We can also make recommendations for you based on a discussion with you or a review of your workplace.

Leadership Special

  • Leadership Fundamentals
  • Giving Meaningful Feedback
  • Lead With Ease
  • Strive and Drive Strategy
  • Passion Purpose and Profits
  • The Power of Play

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Managers Special

  • Manage with Meaning
  • Giving Meaningful Feedback
  • Coaching Others
  • Managing Employee
  • Performance
  • Self Directing Teams
  • Six Hats for Thinking

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Exceptional Service

  • Communication Strategies
  • The First 30 Seconds Count
  • Dealing With Challenging People
  • Communication Strategies – Next Steps
  • Communication in Practice
  • Excellent Service Skills

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Our Programs

Here's just a sample of the many topics which Better Off With Learning has to offer your organisation...
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